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Resources provided by Take Me To Worship are free for download and use by religious organizations.  We ask that you use them consistent with the message of getting kids to worship in an organized religion one or more hours per week.  You are welcome to use the logo and information to promote your own organization, but Take Me To Worship as a campaign does not promote any one religious system. 

Resources to Download

Download and share these resources!

Suggested Activities.PNG

Here is the full list of Suggested Activities. Use it as a starting point for how your organization can get involved in the campaign. Feel free to download it and share!

TMTW Poster.jpg

Here's a poster that is great for hanging around at your place of worship! Download now and share.

5x7 first page.PNG

Download our flyer and share with your people!

flyer pic.PNG

The perfect flyer for handing out to everyone who worships with you! Both color and black & white are available.

Bulletin Insert.PNG

This can easily be inserted to any bulletin or newsletter that gives a little information about the Take Me to Worship Campaign. Feel free to add to it and make it your own!

make it your own pic.PNG

Download this flyer and make it your own! Put your own logo and information on it and share.

Video and Audio Files

Video Files

Audio Files

Downloadable Social Images

Download one of our free social media images and share it with your people!

Community Action Plan

Making A Difference

2015 Action Plan Image.PNG

2015 Erie County Communinity Action Plan

2017 CAP Image.PNG

2017 Erie County Community Action Plan

Religiosity Reports

Survey Image.PNG

2014 Erie County Youth Religiosity Survey Report

relig front page.JPG

2015 Religiosity Data

Religiosity Lit. Rev. Image.PNG

Religiosity Literature Review

Need Materials?

If you're looking for a place to get your material from, Freedom Signs is a great option! This is where we order all of our materials from and they are great to work with. Feel free to use whoever you want and works best for your needs! 

TMTW Freedom Sign Co flyer.jpg
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