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One hour each week.

At Take Me to Worship we believe that our efforts can make a huge difference. Join us in order to make an impact and bring about transformation in our world. Our goal is to be a catalyst for more dreams to be realized and more lives to be improved. We help people work together towards a more empowered and satisfying life.

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About the Campaign

Take Me to Worship is a campaign to educate the Erie community on the effects that one hour of worship per week will have on a child’s education, violent tendencies, risk of suicide, parental communication, moral choices and other areas of life.

If we want to improve Erie, that number needs to change.

Take Me To Worship is not a religion-driven project.  It is a social-science and data driven project.

And the data says that religion matters in the lives of our kids.

Take Me to Worship is part of UnifiedErie, an effort to reduce violence through prevention. The movement is grounded in research from the PA Youth Survey that shows children who attend worship one hour per week do better in many areas of life including grades, family communication, reduced violence tendencies, lower risk of suicide and enhanced self-worth.

Take Me To Worship is a public awareness initiative to make Erie County residents aware of the impact that religion has on the young people of our community.


This campaign is not about a specific type of religion or a specific type of activity.  It is just about informing people what science knows...that the research says positive effects are found if a child participates in organized religion for just one hour every week.

Everyone in Erie County is invited to take action.


Get Informed.

Get Involved.

Get Invested.


And, most importantly, take them to worship!

Why Take Me To Worship?

Because the data says it matters.

Just one hour a week makes a difference in the life of a kid.  

The key is weekly participation for one hour or more.  

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What does the data mean?

“We are a science based, data-driven prevention project. Where the data leads, we follow and it shows there is a positive relationship between organized religion, kids and religion…I believe this is going to work. The data says it and I’ve seen it with my own eyes…For more people in Erie County to value that is just a really exciting thing for me.” – Andrea Bierer

"Religion Matters because it contains hope, it contains answers to the questions of the meaning of life, it contains purpose. When people have no hope, have no idea what life means, have no purpose and no idea that they have a purpose – then there is no reason to try, to care, to take responsibility for themselves. People who are involved with religion know that there is something bigger than themselves, and that they are part of a bigger picture. This promotes not only taking care of oneself, but also being a part of a community, caring for those around you, and making your life count in a positive way."

Jannelle K.

"After the data came out, I started taking my kids to a faith institution and now my daughter regularly volunteers there. It has definitely personally impacted our family."

Amy E.

"Religion matters in the life of my kids because it’s one of the most positive things they experience all week long.  In worship, my kids have been poured into, encouraged and challenged to believe that the world is bigger than their immediate surroundings.  It’s reinforced the lessons and boundaries we’ve taught them at home while also providing them with a community of friends they can flourish with."

Paul M.

Did you know?

1 in 5 students say they have no first-hand experience with religion at all.

63% of students surveyed currently participate less than once a week or not at all.

David Johnson

Matthew Judd

Curtis Jones Jr.

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